PCR Covid test and Antigen test for Events, Filmings and Companies

Covid19 Free Company Service

Covid19 Free Business Service for any company regardless of the sector. Check & Go puts at their disposal a team of professionals to perform Antigen Testing and PCR on staff.

Autonomous Service

There are exceptional cases, in which several people come together for a given project (the construction of a building, the filming of a commercial). Check & Go can also cover these projects through Antigen Testing or PCR, as required.

Check & Go Personal Antigen Testing and PCR Service at the facility or at home

Personal Antigen Testing and PCR Service at the facility or at home. PCR is usually required to travel or to ensure the absence of viruses in any of its phases. That’s why our staff can travel or be cared for at our facilities in Barcelona.

Check & Go Covid Secure Events Service 19

Extensive set of nursing professionals, highly qualified in the field of Covid19 safety as well as a technical team specializing in logistics development.

Check & Go Covid Safe Events ICDQ Certification

Check & Go’s commitment is to guarantee 100% the reliability of the project, this is why it has the Covid19 Insurance Event certification, issued by the ICD QCertification Institute.


If you are in need of health personnel, count on us. We have a wide range of job opportunities where you can find the profile that fits you best. Whether it is a one-time project or it is long term.


In Check&Go you can find Health personnel of any kind: Doctors in different specialties, nurses…If you are a company in need of any of these let us know, contact us!

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